I finished the Audiovisual Communication degree in Spain in 2007. Since that moment I´ve built up my professional career as filmmaker and editor. What I like about my work is that every project is different. Each job needs to be approached in a different way and has its own way to be told. Visual communication is about telling a story using images and sound, combining both of them until it comes into life. Finding out the best way to tell the story is one of the nicest challenges.

I´ve worked in Valencia Television for 3 years.  I worked there as technician in the broadcast department and as video editor and producer assistant in the promo department.

In July 2013 I moved to Holland looking for new opportunities. I’ve worked for almost 2 years in a Dutch postproduction company as video editor, where I´ve been responsible for editing 2 seasons of the tv travel program “Tracks &Trails” for SBS 6. Besides, I´ve edited a couple of documentaries for Moslim Omroep and Joodse Omroep and some corporate videos.

At the moment I´m working as freelance filmmaker and video editor in The Netherlands.

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